My professional theatre experiences have greatly influenced my philosophy as an arts educator.  In addition to emphasizing technique and story telling, I work with students on developing a positive performance mindset that is imperative for success both in and out of rehearsals.  Many students have seen improvements in their audition skills and have earned spots in prestigious post secondary training programs.  For rates and availability:                                     



"I loved working with Alison.  She helped me find strength and meaning behind movements that seemed inconsequential.  Her positivity and outlook really changed my mindset with dance and my approach to auditioning.  I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did without her help, and I can't wait to work with her again. 

— Paige, Oklahoma City University

FITNESs Instruction

To live life to its fullest, it's crucial to have a body that can support you.  My performance career has reinforced the importance of alignment based training for longevity in all populations.  I am a Stott Pilates, and API trained pilates instructor who offers both virtual and in person training sessions.                                        for rates and availability.